Customs Broker License Exams

April 2017

1. What is the correct entry type code for a warehouse withdrawal for antidumping/countervailing duties (AD/CVD)?

2. In which column on the CBP Form 7501 would you report the AD/CVD CASE Number?

3. Top Dawg imported seven ball bearings with integral shafts from Germany, which are classified under subheading 8482.10.10, Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States, at a 2.4% ad valorem duty rate and subject to antidumping duties. The ball bearings are shipped by air and formally entered at John F. Kennedy International Airport. The total value of the shipment is $9,875.00. The applicable antidumping duty case deposit rate is 68.89%. What are the total amount of fees and estimated duties that should be reported on the CBP Form 7501?

4. CBP will periodically review each bond on file to determine whether the bond is adequate to protect the revenue and ensure compliance with applicable law and regulations. If CBP determines that a bond is inadequate, the principal and surety will be promptly notified in writing. The principal will have how many days from the date of notification to remedy the deficiency?

5. Entry summary documentation was not filed timely for a shipment of $100,000.00 entered with Single Transaction Bond (STB) in the amount of $110,000.00. Liquidated damages will be assessed at:

6. In determining whether the amount of a bond is sufficient, CBP will consider all of the below eXCEPT:

7. If any CBP Bond, except one given only for the production of free-entry or reduced-duty documents, has not been satisfied upon the expiration of ________________has accrued under the bond, the matter will be reported to the Department of Justice for prosecution unless measures have been taken to file an application for relief or protest to satisfactorily settle this matter.

8. Which statement is TRUE concerning Customs Bonds?

9. The triennial process consists of a status report and fee payment that must be submitted by all licensed brokers. The regulations governing this process may be found:

10. When must Form 3347, Declaration of Owner, be filed?

11. What factor is NOT considered by Customs when measuring if a brokerage is exercising proper supervision and control?

12. Under which scenario below would a broker be exempt from notifying importers annually of their right to pay CBP directly under 19 CFR 111.29?

13. For each release of merchandise, what is the maximum penalty that may be assessed against an importer who is negligent in producing entry records at the request of an Import Specialist?

14. John Henry received a license through the port of Duluth, MN (3604). John Henry also has a local permit for the port of Duluth, MN (3604). John Henry is now looking to move his business to the port of Minneapolis, MN (3501). Which of the following is the correct course of action for John Henry to take?

15. The duty free provision for returned American Goods is found in _____________________.

16. What is the CLASSIFICATION of a men’s woven shirt, made of 65 % rayon and 35 % polyester fiber? The garment features a full front zippered opening, a pocket on the left chest panel, a pointed collar, long sleeves with buttoned cuffs, and a straight hemmed bottom with two side vents.

17. What is the CLASSIFICATION of a necklace with a heart pendant made of zinc metal 50 or fewer years old? The value of the item is $600.00.

18. What is the CLASSIFICATION for an adult size, unisex, pullover constructed from 100% bamboo knit fabric? The Fiber Trade Name is Rayon.

19. What is the CLASSIFICATION of a woman’s knitted Irish sweater with a fiber content of 50% merino wool and 50% man-made rayon?

20. What is the CLASSIFICATION of tomato juice concentrate with 49% of soluble tomato solids and 51% water that is produced by washing, crushing, screening, centrifuging and concentrating the tomatoes prior to the juice concentrate being aseptically packed into airtight bottles?

21. What is the CLASSIFICATION of frozen, uncooked, shrimp-stuffed ravioli packaged with a white wine sauce made in Italy which contains 51% by weight of shrimp?

22. What is the CLASSIFICATION of a woven, embroidered, single layer bedspread made of 50% rayon fibers and 50% silk fibers?

23. Which of the following is required when importing iron or steel classifiable under Chapter 72 or headings 7301 to 7307 HTSUS?

24. What is the CLASSIFICATION for dried potato flakes composed of dried potato flakes, sodium acid pyrophosphate (a preservative), sodium bisulfite (a preservative), monoglycerides (an anti-sticking agent), citric acid (an antioxidant), and butylated hydroxyanisole?

25. What is the CLASSIFICATION of used rescue blankets, not over 3 meters in length, constructed from 50 % polyester and 50 % wool knit fabric that show signs of appreciable wear, but have been cleaned and are individually packaged?

26. The article is a small battery-operated plastic LED flashlight with a bottom split ring onto which is attached two metal key rings, both connected by a cylindrical plastic attachment: by pressing down on the lamp's midsection, a beam of light is activated. What is the

27. Company A is the importer of record for widgets in the United States. Company A sold 100 widgets on 1/1/2012 to Company B in United States. Company B sold the widgets to a foreign company and filed drawback for the widgets under unused direct identification 19 USC 1313(j)(1) on 5/1/2012. Which of the following document shows the transfer of the merchandise from Company A to Company B?

28. Which of the following is required when filing drawback for items laden on vessels/aircrafts as supplies?

29. Which Service Port contains a Drawback unit/office?

30. A Notice of Intent to export merchandise which may be the subject of an unused merchandise drawback claim, must be filed at the port of intended exportation on CBP Form 7553 at least _______ working day(s) prior to the date of intended exportation.

31. Which of the following is an example of bulk cargo?

32. What additional information must be provided on invoices for plastic sheets classified in heading 3920, HTSUS?

33. Which piece of information is NOT a requirement on a commercial invoice?

34. A person claiming an exemption from entry for undeliverable articles under General Note 3(e), HTSUS, must submit a certification. The certification must contain all the following conditions EXCEPT:

35. Which of the following classes of merchandise are NOT exempt from the requirement of entry?

36. A warehouse entry is entry type ________.

37. Cite the regulation that defines what the date of importation means?

38. Which of the following cannot be entered on a carnet?

39. What type of entry is required for goods brought into the customs territory of the United States by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration from space or from a foreign country as part of an international program of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration?

40. Merchandise for which entry is required will be entered within __________________ after landing from a vessel, aircraft or vehicle, or after arrival at the port of destination in the case of merchandise transported in bond.

41. Any person outside the Customs Service who has reason to believe that any merchandise produced whether by mining, manufacture, or other means, in any foreign locality with the use of convict labor, forced labor, or indentured labor under penal sanctions, is likely to be, imported into the United States and that merchandise of the same class is being produced in the United States in such quantities as to meet the consumptive demands of the United States may communicate his belief to any port director or the Commissioner of Customs. Every such communication shall contain, or be accompanied by all of the below EXCEPT:

42. Protest content shall contain all of the following information EXCEPT:

43. Upon receipt of service of a summons in an action initiated in the Court of International Trade, all of the following items shall be immediately transmitted to the Court of International Trade as part of the official record by the Customs officer concerned, EXCEPT:

44. In accordance with 19 C.F.R. 162.74, an oral prior-disclosure must be confirmed by a written record of the information conveyed to CBP, to the concerned Fines, Penalties, and Forfeitures Officer, within ________________.

45. Which of the following circumstances do NOT need to be disclosed when a party makes a valid prior disclosure of a violation of 19 USC 1592?

46. A penalty or claim for liquidated damages is assessed and fewer than 180 days remain from the date of penalty or liquidated damages notice. Before the statute of limitations may be asserted as a defense, the Fines, Penalties, and Forfeitures Officer may specify in the notice a reasonable period of time, but not less than _______, for the filing of a petition for relief.

47. Which statement regarding Protest is FALSE?

48. Which of the following has a Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) requirement?

49. The _______ that completes and signs the NAFTA Certificate of Origin has _______ calendar days after the date of discovery of incorrect information in the Certificate to notify in writing all persons to whom the Certificate was originally given of the error.

50. Which of the following statements regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Certificate of Origin is NOT true?

51. An importer makes an entry of Phenobarbital Sodium originating from Mauritius that qualifies for a free rate of duty under the special tariff treatment programs. They use special preference indicator "K" on the CBP Form 7501. Pursuant to which General Note of the

52. What regulation would you find the verification authority for the US-Korea Free Trade

53. An importer fails to produce a NAFTA Certificate of Origin for an entry claiming duty free treatment after CBP issued a Request for Information asking the importer to provide a valid

54. A ______________ bonded warehouse is known as a general order warehouse, established for the storage and disposition exclusively of general order merchandise.

55. _________________ is the procedure for delivery of merchandise to a zone without prior application and approval on Customs Form 214.

56. Warehouse withdrawals under blanket permit must be filed on which Form?

57. What CBP Form is used for permission to manipulate, manufacture, exhibit, or destroy merchandise in a FTZ?

58. Brown Bag, Inc. is looking to register their trademarks. They presently have 4 different classes of goods. How much will they be charged to register all their trademarks?

59. Bobs Big Bargains Unlimited imported a shipment of designer branded t-shirts that were determined to bear counterfeit trademarks and seized by CBP. The relevant trademarks were recorded with CBP. The shipment contained 500 shirts with an invoice value of $5.00 each, a bargain compared to the manufacturers suggested retail price of $50.00 for the genuine designer branded t-shirt. This was the second intellectual property rights seizure since the importer started his business a few months ago. The importers previous seizure involved piratical plush toys that infringed numerous copyrights recorded with CBP. The civil penalty that CBP may assess for the importers second seizure can be no more than:

60. A mail shipment of one counterfeit handbag valued at $500, bearing a spurious mark identical with, or substantially indistinguishable from, a mark registered on the Principal Register of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and recorded with CBP, is exempt from prohibition under section 526, Tariff Act of 1930, as amended (19 U.S.C. sec. 1526), if:

61. Which statement is FALSE?

62. Which section of 19 CFR references the appropriate size for country of origin marking if a country other than the country of origin appears in close proximity?

63. Which of the following is NOT an exception to marking requirements?

64. Which statement is FALSE with regards to Marking?

65. Powers of attorney issued by a partnership shall be limited to a period not to exceed ___ years from the date of execution. All other powers of attorney may be granted for an unlimited period.

66. Which of the below is FALSE concerning a Power of Attorney?

67. A corporate surety power of attorney is executed on which CBP Form?

68. For the above entry summary, what would the proper entry type code be for Block 2?

69. What is the payable amount of Merchandise Processing Fees (MPF) on the above entry?

70. The shipment of quota merchandise is subject to antidumping. What entry type code would you use in Block 2 of the CBP Form 7501?

71. In Block 2 on the Entry summary, what does ABI/N/L mean?

72. What would the mode of transportation be in Block 9 for Pedestrian?

73. When an entry summary covers merchandise from more than one country of origin, MULTI must be recorded in which block?

74. The ISO country code CA for Canada for goods of Canadian Origin is no longer reported as a country of origin. As of May 15, 1997, the Canadian Province codes replaced the code CA. The CA code, in addition to the province code, is acceptable in each case below eXCEPT?

75. On a warehouse withdrawal, the original warehouse entry number should be recorded at the bottom of block________.

76. Ace Auto Imports in Albany, NY purchases 3 Rolls Royce cars from Everything British Auto Dealers in London, England. The invoice, prepared for the sale and shipment of these goods, lists the total price paid or payable as 300,000 British Pounds. The cars were shipped by vessel from Liverpool, England on May 3, 2016 and arrived in Newark, New Jersey on May 10, 2016. The certified rate for the pound on May 3, 2016 was US$ 1.35. The certified rate for the pound on May 10, 2016 was US$ 1.40. The value to be declared for entry purposes would be:

77. All of the below are true, EXCEPT:

78. Generally accepted accounting principles refer to any generally recognized consensus or substantial authoritative support regarding any of the below EXCEPT:

79. Which statement is FALSE?

80. A used mold was provided free of charge to a Korean manufacturer by the U.S. importer. The used mold cost the importer $75,000. Because of its poor condition, the importer had it repaired for $2,500 before shipping the mold to Korea. The importer paid freight cost of $1,000 and the Korean manufacturer paid $500 import duty for the mold. What is the total value of the assist?