Customs Broker License Exams

October 1997

1. Hand painted buttons are imported from Mexico into the United States classified under 9606.21.4000 with a NAFTA claim for reduced duty. The Certificate of Origin indicated an origin criteria B claim under the transaction value method. The buttons were imported from Taiwan into Mexico where they were hand painted in a factory by Mexican laborers. The value of the buttons when imported into the United States. was $1.00 each. The value of the buttons when imported into Mexico was $.05 each. The Mexican laborers were paid $.10 per button for the painting. The cost of the paint which was made in Italy was $.01 per button. Allowable factory expenses were $.02 per button. Which one of the following statement is true?

2. A protest against a value advance for undeclared assists shall be filed within which of the following time periods?

3. Any person whose protest, which did not ask for accelerated disposition, has been denied has how many days to file a civil action in the U.S. Court of International Trade after the date of mailing the notice of protest denial?

4. A petition for relief from liquidated damages shall be filed with which one of the following?

5. An importer imported merchandise from Canada for which he had a valid NAFTA certificate of origin. The merchandise was entered for warehouse. Two years later, the importer arranged for his broker to file a withdrawal for consumption entry on all this merchandise. Although his NAFTA certificate was still valid, the importer failed to alert the broker to the fact that these goods qualified for reduced-duty treatment under NAFTA. The entry liquidated as entered 60 days after the filing of the warehouse withdrawal. Four months after the date of liquidation, the importer suddenly remembered that he should have instructed the broker to claim preferential NAFTA treatment for the merchandise. Which of the following is the BEST METHOD for the importer to obtain a refund of the excess duties paid as a result of the failure to make a NAFTA declaration?

6. An importer entered a shipment of 1,000 plastic shower curtains from Indonesia on October 3, 1996. The commercial invoice showed an ex-works price of $55.00 per curtain, for a total invoice price of $55,000. Based on this information, the broker entered this amount on the entry documents presented to Customs. This entry liquidated no change on January 6, 1997. In December 1997, while going over their year-end records, the importer discovered that the amount listed on the invoice for the shower curtain did not match the amount on the purchase order. The price agreed to was $5.50 per curtain, not $55.00. The importer alerted their broker of the discrepancy and instructed the broker to initiate duty refund procedures. What action should the broker take to obtain a refund for the client?

7. Under the prior disclosure provisions, unless granted an extension by the port director, the time a person has to deposit the actual loss of duties after the port director notifies him/her in writing of the calculations and amounts is which of the following?

8. How much is the penalty for failure by the master of a vessel to produce a manifest?

9. Laws involving the importation of helium gas are enforced by the Customs Service on behalf of which one of the following Federal agencies?

10. Which of the following is NOT a valid reason for liquidation of an entry to be extended?

11. The net weight of merchandise dutiable by net weight may be determined by which of the following methods?

12. Which of the following merchandise is NOT eligible for appraisement entry?

13. Generally, with respect to privileged foreign merchandise, at which time will classification of merchandise subject to a tariff-rate import quota be made only at the higher non-quota duty rate in effect?

14. Which one of the following items is NOT excepted from country of origin marking requirements by the J-list?

15. Unless by special authority of the Commissioner of Customs, merchandise in bulk shall not be withdrawn from a bonded warehouse in quantities less than___ in weight or the entire quantity imported, whichever is smaller.

16. The entry summary for merchandise entered for warehouse shall be executed on Customs Form_____.

17. In which of the following situations would release of the merchandise prior to the filing of entry summary and the deposit of estimated duties be most appropriate?

18. Generally, if there is a question as to whether merchandise being admitted into a foreign trade zone is prohibited, which of the following is most accurate?

19. Which one of the following facts would exclude a product from GSP eligibility?

20. Which of the following is NOT an option available to an importer when merchandise is imported in excess of an absolute quota?

21. When goods are, prima facie, classifiable under two or more headings, which of the following is a true statement?

22. For importations by mail, any packages containing merchandise subject to an absolute quota that arrive after the quota is filled shall be________

23. Which of the following statements concerning carnets is FALSE?

24. Generally, except where merchandise is released directly to the carrier, one of the following types of evidence of the right to make entry shall be filed in connection with the entry of merchandise imported by common carrier EXCEPT which of the following?

25. Which following change to a Customs bond may be accomplished by a rider?

26. Which of the following is the proper classification for Russet seed potatoes in containers weighing 45 kg net weight?

27. Which of the following is NOT considered part of the “Customs territory of the United States”?

28. The ad valorem merchandise processing fee is assessed on which of the following?

29. The proprietor of a Customs warehouse shall comply with all but which one of the following record keeping requirements?

30. Commercial cargo unloaded from a commercial vessel is subject to the harbor maintenance fee in which of the following situations?

31. Chinese silk is imported into the United States and cut to length and width. The cut silk is then exported to the Dominican Republic, where the edges are sewn to make designer scarves. When the scarves are imported into the United States, which one of the following is true?

32. For ocean shipments, the value of U.S. components assembled abroad that can be subtracted from the full value of the assembled article is their cost____.

33. Which of the following products imported from Germany must show that it is in compliance with the EPA Federal antipollution emission requirements before it is entitled to admission to the United States?

34. A shipment of merchandise consists of 116 boxes of kitchen dining table tops and legs. There are 100 finished flat wood table tops with holes drilled on the underside to accommodate four legs per table top. Each table top is individually boxed. There are 16 boxes, each containing 25 turned wooden table legs that are straight with one end cut on an angle. Which of the following is the correct classification of this shipment?

35. Yarn is made into knit fabric and cut into polo shirt components in the United States. The cut shirt components and German-origin buttons are exported to Mexico, where they are sewn into men’s polo shirts. If an importer wants to pay the least amount of duty, which of the following tariff provisions is the best choice?

36. Carpenter Joe of Acme Corporation boards a plane in the United States and takes the company’s $5,000 German super drill with him to repair the hardwood floor in the Versailles Palace in France. After the job is complete, he decides to stay there, and never return to the United States. His boss orders him to ship the super drill back to the United States via airmail. Which of the following tariff provisions should Acme Corporation, as the importer, use to avoid paying duty on the super drill?

37. Smith Company exports U.S. duty paid, Mexican-origin molds from the United States to Hungary. Smith Company imports Mexican origin molds into the United States and pays the appropriate Customs duties. Smith Company then exports the molds to Hungary. In Hungary, Giro Company uses these molds under a lease agreement with Smith Co. to produce flawless and expensive porcelain statues. The molds are imported without having been advanced in value by Smith Company into the United States from Hungary. Which of the following is the correct classification for the molds?

38. Cow corium, the layer of cow hide beneath the skin, is cut into 2 x 6 inch rectangular strips in South America. This layer beneath the skin is identified as parings, a waste product of the tanning process, because only the skin itself is used to make leather. After the cow corium is cut, it is coated with beef flavoring, dried, and flavored to make raw hide dog chews. What is the correct classification of the raw hide dog chews?

39. A shipment consists of guitar cases made with the outer surface of leather specially fitted and shaped to hold an acoustical guitar. The value of the cases is $20.00 each. Which of the following is the correct classification of the cases?

40. What is the correct duty for 30 boxes of fresh cucumbers weighing 75 kg each, entered on June 30, 1997, from Mexico with a valid NAFTA claim?

41. Which of the following ports is NOT a Customs service port?

42. What is the column 1 duty rate for unmanufactured tobacco, entirely from Argentina, partly stemmed, not threshed, not containing over 35 percent wrapper tobacco, flue cured, to be used in cigarettes and not being entered pursuant to the provisions of HTS Chapter 24 Additional U.S. Note 5?

43. Which is the appropriate symbol for an article that is eligible for reduced Merchandise Processing Fee, and a claim is made under the Agreement on Trade in Civil Aircraft?

44. Which of the following is the correct classification for a pair of women’s lined dress gloves made of artificial fur and constructed with seams and full fourchettes?

45. Which of the following is the correct classification of a dog collar made of braided nylon?

46. A men’s belt is made in Canada. Webbing made by braiding textile material and leather together is sewn to two leather rectangular strips with the leather portion facing outward when worn. The leather strips are then each attached to a metal belt buckle to complete the belt. Which of the following is the correct classification of the belt?

47. A domestic water dispensing machine is imported. It consists of a closed metal frame that acts as a stand and a case. It holds a large bottle of water inverted on top. The water flows by gravity into two small tanks inside the metal frame. One tank is fitted with an electrical element that heats the water. The other tank is fitted with electric cooling coils that cool the water. The two tanks are of equal size. On the outside of the frame case are two spouts that are valve operated. One spout is for the hot water and one is for the cold water. They are side by side and are of equal size. Which of the following is the correct classification of this water machine?

48. Which of the following is NOT a statistical requirement for imported goods when making Customs entry or withdrawal of goods?

49. Which of the following is NOT legally binding when classifying goods?

50. Tote bags made of molded polyethylene plastic mesh and measuring approximately 17 1/2 inches wide at the bottom and 19 inches wide at the top are imported into the United States. The openings in the mesh are approximately 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch. The bottom of the totes are made of solid plastic and come about 13/16 inch up the mesh sides. The bags are approximately 16 inches high from the bottom to the top of the integral non-flexible handles. The tote bags will be used repeatedly to carry groceries, beach items, blankets, and similar items. Which of the following is the correct classification of the imported tote bags?

51. Generally, if a class of merchandise from the same country-of-origin subject to the same statistical reporting number is included in more than one invoice, the importer:

52. When advising a client or making representation to secure employment, a broker shall do which one of the following?

53. The Secretary of the Treasury issues an order vacating the prior order of suspension of a broker’s license. The Commissioner shall do which of the following?

54. Which of the following is the Customs definition of an “active client”?

55. Jane Smith received her broker’s license, permit, and a filer code in 1995. In 1996, she received approval to conduct Customs business under the fictitious name of ABC Customs Brokerage. The following year, for tax purposes, she incorporates under the name of ABC Customs Brokerage, Incorporated. Jane is the only officer of the corporation. She now wishes to conduct Customs business on behalf of her clients as ABC Customs Brokerage, Incorporated. Which of the following is true?

56. American Broker Group, Inc., (ABG) is located in New York. They have offices and are permitted to conduct Customs business in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Dallas. The individual qualifying the permit in Dallas leaves the company. Which of the following statements is correct?

57. Unless other notification is given, the records required by 19 CFR 111 to be kept by a broker shall be retained at what location?

58. With regard to relations between a licensed broker and an unlicensed person, which of the following statements is true?

59. When must the drawback entry and all documents necessary to complete a drawback claim be filed?

60. Drawback may not be provided for which of the following?

61. Which of the following classes of Customs warehouses is for the purpose of cleaning, sorting, repacking, or otherwise changing in condition, but not manufacturing, imported merchandise, under Customs supervision and at the expense of the proprietor?

62. A client has provided a customs broker with a valid NAFTA certificate of origin covering a shipment of merchandise from Mexico for which entry was made and duties paid six months earlier. The client has requested a refund of the duties paid. The entry has been liquidated and the protest period is over. As the client’s broker, what action, if any, would the Customs broker take?

63. The general requirements for the electronic entry of imported merchandise through the Customs Automated Commercial System (ACS) allow filers to store records and electronic data in centralized locations provided there is notification of whom?

64. Which of the following is the proper method of country-of-origin marking for a ceramic clock case?

65. Drapes pour la Maison, a Canadian bedding company, has decided to change its manufacturing procedures. The cotton is spun into yarn in India, the fabric woven in Pakistan and sent to UAE for bleaching and dyeing. The fabric is then sent in one piece to Canada, where the fabric is cut to size, quilted with United States polyester fill and bottom fabric, hemmed, and packaged for export to the United States What is the country of origin of the quilted bedspreads?

66. Which of the following statements is FALSE?

67. Merchandise transported in-bond by land, except transit air cargo provided for in 19 CFR 122.118, destined to a final port in the U.S., shall be delivered to Customs at the port of destination within how many days after the receipt by the forwarding carrier at the port of origin?

68. An importer wants to bring in seamless, medical, disposable plastic gloves from Malaysia. Which of the following is the correct classification of the gloves?

69. How is a specially fitted case containing the musical instrument for which it was intended classified upon entry?

70. Which of the following containers is classified separately from its contents?

71. A shipment of 1,000 black felt witches hats, imported from China, is being imported on September 25. Which of the following is the correct classification of the hats?

72. Which of the following is the correct classification of a shipment of leather insoles wholly of composition leather?

73. A broker shall forward to Customs duties and fees received from a client on or before the due date or within how many workings days, if receipt was after the due date.

74. What is the maximum monetary penalty for transacting Customs business without a license?

75. When is renegotiation of the price disregarded in determining transaction value?

76. Which of the following charges is a dutiable charge under transaction value when included in the price actually paid or payable?

77. Assuming that USA Corporation established a wholly-owned factory in Malaysia and transaction value or deductive value does not exist for merchandise produced by the factory, which costs would NOT be part of the computed value of the merchandised imported by USA Corporation?

78. Which of these procedures constitutes an “assembly” operation for purposes of classification under 9802.00.80, the provision for foreign articles assembled with U.S. components?

79. For which one of the following importations could transaction value be used as the basis of appraisement?

80. Which of the following is the correct classification of a shipment of canned imitation crabmeat (Alaskan pollock)?

81. Which of the following foreign trade zone status merchandise is NOT allowed to be transferred 22 for entry into a Customs bonded warehouse?

82. A client informs a Customs broker that she would like to export certain goods to Canada and Mexico for repairs or alterations, some pursuant to warranty agreements with suppliers located in both countries and some which are not subject to warranty agreements. The client has heard that, under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), goods sent to Canada and Mexico for repairs or alterations provided for in the subheadings of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, 9802.00.40 and 9802.00.50, are free of duty. The client would like the broker to confirm this prior to commencing the export operation. Based on the above paragraph, which of the following statements is correct?

83. Which of the following items may NOT be directly exported?

84. What are the consequences for an importer who is substantially or habitually delinquent in the payment of Customs bills?

85. A written request to exempt a broker from keeping a current record of transactions in a prescribed format, in addition to the records of account required by 19 CFR 111.22, shall be addressed to whom?

1. A patent owner in the United States believes merchandise is being imported into the United States which infringes upon the patent. Which of the following is the patent owner NOT required to provide to Customs in order for Customs to conduct a patent survey?

2. Merchandise is exported from Germany on September 29 and arrives in the port of New York on October 1. An entry is filed on October 2, and on October 6 the entry summary is filed with the appropriate duties and taxes. The rate of duty that applies is determined by which of the following?

3. Which of the following is NOT required for a facility to be accepted as an approved Customs bonded warehouse?

4. The “date of exportation” referred to in section 402, Tariff Act of 1930 means which of the following?

5. Which of the following is the correct Value Hierarchy under which appraisement occurs?

6. Which date is used when converting foreign currency?

7. What is the time limitation for filing a claim on an entry for a clerical error under 19 USC 1520(c)(1)?

8. Which of the following is the minimum dollar amount difference required to file a protest?

9. Generally, which of the following is NOT eligible for Informal Entry?

10. Which of the following constitutes the time limit within which merchandise must be exported or destroyed under the provisions of Unused Merchandise Drawback (Same Condition Drawback)?

11. Upon receipt of an inbond shipment at the port of destination, the bonded carrier shall surrender the inbond manifest and notify the port director of merchandise arrival within which of the following?

12. Clark is a licensed broker and is employed by ABC Brokers, Inc. in Los Angeles. Clark does not have an individual permit but qualifies the permit for ABC. Linda, Clark�s friend, is importing some jewelry for sale at a convention. Linda knows Clark is a broker and she wants him to enter the merchandise on her behalf. Linda asks Clark if he can discount his fee since she spent so much on the jewelry. Based on the above paragraph, which of the following statements is correct?

13. Generally, a broker�s license is required for which of the following transactions?

14. Which of the following is the correct classification for dyed warp knitted fabric weighing more than 100 g/m² , consisting of 85% cotton and 15% manmade fibers, and is 60 cm wide?

15. How would one classify a shipment of poplin or broadcloth 100% manmade filament woven fabric?

16. An inquiry by Customs is being made concerning the importation of merchandise by a certain importer through the port of Miami. The importer is instructed to meet with Customs in Miami over this matter. He chooses not to participate directly but wishes to have his agent, a Customs broker permitted only in Los Angeles, represent him. Based on the above paragraph, which of the following statements is correct?

17. The terms of sale stated on the invoice are Freight On Board (FOB). Which of the following deductions are allowed when determining the entered value?

18. The legal liquidation date of a formal entry is which of the following?

19. Which of the following is NOT an addition to the price actually paid or payable when appraising merchandise under Transaction Value?

20. Merchandise is subject to an absolute quota and the invoice lists the quota category as 314. Upon review of the entry documentation and classification it is determined that the merchandise is classifiable as category 315. The quota for category 315 is closed, however the category for 314 is still open. Which of the following actions should be taken?

21. As a general rule, how many days does the importer have to file the entry summary?

22. Which of the following CANNOT transport merchandise from one port to another in the United States in bond without the request of the party in interest from the port director?

23. For the purposes of quota, the time of presentation is which of the following?

24. The Glass Company has a shipment of engraved wine glasses. The invoice quantity is 400 boxes valued at $8.00, FOB per box. The invoice also shows that the glasses have lead content by weight of 22% and that each box contains four glasses. Which of the following is the correct classification of the wine glasses?

25. Which of the following is the correct classification of plastic inflatable mattresses designed to be used in the home?

26. Which of the following is the proper classification of hair combs made of hard rubber with an invoice price of $0.50 per dozen?

27. Which of the following is NOT a responsibility of a foreign trade zone operator?

28. Mary, a licensed broker who is the qualifying member of a licensed partnership retires from the brokerage. Which of the following statements is correct?

29. Which of the following CANNOT sign drawback documents?

30. Key Largo Customs Brokerage (KLCB), a licensed broker, decides to import life jackets (6307.20.00) to cash in on the big tourist business in the area. One of their clients regularly imports similar items and does a lucrative business. Which of the following statements is correct?

31. A shipment of tables was found to be not legally marked with the proper country of origin upon examination at the pier. The port director can demand redelivery of this merchandise within how many days?

32. A principal on a basic importation and entry bond agrees to all EXCEPT which of the following conditions?

33. If an article is incomplete or unfinished and has the essential character of the complete or finished article, how should it be classified using the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS)?

34. A jewelry company plans to import a pair of gold earrings in a flimsy cardboard box. The earrings have a value of $5.00 per pair and the box has a value of $0.50. Using principles of classification which of the following classifications is correct?

35. Failure to file a timely entry summary with the applicable duties, taxes, and fees will result in which of the following?

36. Which of the following is NOT a program where special tariff treatment may be provided under the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States?

37. Which of the following is the correct classification of a shipment of floral picks consisting of plastic holly leaves and plastic holly berries that are assembled by a snap together method?

38. Who is required to sign a NAFTA certificate of origin?

39. Which of the following may be listed as co-principals on a bond?

40. Jewelry boxes are being imported into the United States. Prior to retail, the boxes will be filled with a pair of base metal cuff links. The jewelry boxes are made of plastic and their exterior surface is covered with a flocked manmade fiber textile. Which of the following is the correct classification for the jewelry boxes?

41. Of the following, which is NOT subject to protest under 19 USC 1514?

42. What is the timeframe within which a filer has to correct a 19 USC 1520(a) clerical error that resulted in the deposit or payment of excess duties, fees, or charges?

43. An application for special permit for immediate delivery supported by proper documentation should be made on which of the following Customs forms?

44. An importer may file a claim for preferential tariff treatment under NAFTA in accordance with 19 USC 1520(d) within which time frame?

45. Which of the following is NOT an allowable foreign trade zone status?

46. A bonded warehouse proprietor must file a Customs Form 300 (except a smelting or refining warehouse) with the Field Director, Regulatory Audit, at which of the following times?

47. Whenever 19 CFR refers to the term “possessions of the U.S.” it means which of the following?

48. Which of the following is true about a Harbor Maintenance Fee (H.M.F.)?

49. Which of the following is true about a broker status report?

50. Once Customs issues written notification advising a broker or other person of an allegation or complaint in which a monetary penalty will be assessed against the broker, how many days does the broker have to respond in writing?

51. A warehouse entry is filed in January by SKM brokerage firm on behalf of the importer of record, Joe Smith, for 5,000 wrenches. Joe transfers ownership to his sister, Susan Jones, in February. In March, Joe calls his broker and asks the broker to file a warehouse withdrawal on his behalf for 1,000 of the wrenches. Based on the above paragraph, which of the following should be done by the broker?

52. The ABC Company imports dead rats from Iceland for resale to labs in the United States. They use BC Lines as their shipper and Johnson as their broker. XYZ Labs Inc. buys these rats on the domestic wholesale market. Which of the following parties concerned is NOT required by Customs to keep records pertaining to this importation?

53. The rules of origin as outlined in 19 CFR 102 are established to determine which of the following?

54. Which of the following represents the required additions to the price actually paid or payable?

55. Which of the following costs does NOT contribute toward GSP eligibility?

56. Mark receives his individual Customs broker’s license. He opens an office in Mobile, Alabama and secures a permit to conduct Customs business from the Mobile port director. Mark is approached by an importer in Gulfport, Mississippi who wants to hire Mark to clear his merchandise at the port of Gulfport, part of the Mobile Customs district. Which of the following must Mark do to be able to transact Customs business as a broker in Gulfport?

57. In classifying a composite article made of three different components, one consisting of steel, the second of brass, and the third of aluminum, which of the following information would be of greatest concern in determining which of three chapters (Chapter 73, Chapter 74, or Chapter 76) should be used?

58. Which of the following statements concerning carnets is true?

59. Which of the following items is NOT required on the sales ticket file by the proprietor for a Class 9 warehouse?

60. Which of the following is the correct classification for freshly cut Douglas-fir Evergreen Christmas trees imported from Canada?

61. For statistical reporting purposes, the country of exportation should NOT be the country of origin under which of the following circumstances?

62. Which of the following records is a broker NOT required to retain at his/her place of business?

63. ABC company imports a shipment of cherry flavored cough drops from China packaged for retail sale. Sugar is the main ingredient in the cough drops and they contain 8 mg of menthol per dose. Which of the following is the correct classification for the cough drops?

64. A shipment of dried, shelled kidney beans is imported from Korea. The merchandise is packed in 20 pound bags. Under which of the following subheadings should the merchandise be classified?

65. An upscale gift shop in New York City is importing toothbrushes. The handle of the toothbrush is composed of porcelain with a 14 karat gold monogram. The toothbrushes are valued at $125.00 per piece. Which of the following is the correct classification for the toothbrushes?

66. Three thousand AC power-operated kitchen timers with opto-electronic displays, without jewels, were imported January 1, 1994 and duty paid. On June 30, 1997 the timers were exported to China to be repaired under warranty. The total value of the 3,000 timers is $3,000. The cost of the repairs made in China totals $1,500. The timers were re-imported on July 31, 1997. Which of the following is the correct Chapter 98 classification?

67. S&W Brokerage Services has moved to a new location in Dallas. This new office does not provide enough filing space for inactive records. S&W is allowed to destroy records beyond which of the following retention periods for records received or generated by a broker?

68. A professional hockey team is importing cowhide leather ice hockey gloves from Canada. The gloves have seams and are lined to keep the players’ hands warm during the game. Which of the following is the correct classification for the gloves?

69. On September 30, 1997, a shipment of 1,000 complete watch dials was imported. A month later, 1,000 14 karat gold watch chains were imported, to be assembled to the watch dials in the United States. Which of the following is the correct classification for the watch chains?

70. The Finnish vessel Viking Star is a fish factory ship trawling for sardines. When caught, the fish are salted, cooked, and canned. The ship makes port in St. Petersberg, Russia, where the cans are warehoused. They are then shipped to Brussels, Belgium, where they are packed in retail cardboard boxes. From Brussels they are shipped via a German ship to Felixstowe, England, where they are put in containers for shipment to the United States. Which of the following is the correct country of origin?

71. A broker has been granted permission by Customs to retain records on microfilm. For Customs purposes, which of the following CANNOT be retained on microfilm?

72. Dr. Smith, a pediatrician, imports thermometers. These thermometers are inserted into the ear, and the patient’s temperature is recorded automatically on a digital display. Which of the following is the correct classification of the thermometers?

73. Which of the following is a Customs service port ?

74. Mr. Jones is a bonded carrier, but not a licensed broker, transporting merchandise from Vancouver, Canada, to San Francisco, California. The U.S. port of arrival is Blaine, Washington. Ms. Smith, the owner of the goods, asks Mr. Smith to file an immediate transportation entry on Ms. Smith’s behalf. Based on the above paragraph, which of the following statements is the most correct?

75. Which of the following articles is NOT considered classifiable as a finished article under GRI-2(a)?

76. A bonded warehouse proprietor is NOT responsible for which of the following?

77. Which of the following shipments would NOT be excepted from the country of origin marking regulations?

78. For legal purposes, classification shall be determined by which of the following principles?

79. Which of the following is the correct classification for a baseball?

80. Which of the following would NOT be considered a violation of the country of origin marking statute, 19 USC 1304?